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2 Day Surf Clinic

The 2-Day Surf Clinic consists of six hours of surf instruction over the course of two days. In these two sessions we cover all the basic theory and explain and demonstrate the techniques necessary to get you surfing and keep you safe in the process. We maintain a 7:1 student to instructor ratio to ensure that each of our students obtains the attention and instruction they require. The two day surf clinic is ideal for students that wish to have ample time in the water putting the theory into practice. Both lessons take place at Playa Colonia inside the Marino Ballena National Park. Please note that we require a minimum of two people for a 2-day surf clinic.

2-Day Surf Clinic Booking Request

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Price $150.00USD per person
Duration 6 hours total (3 hours per day)
Student to Instructor ratio 7:1
Requirements 2 person minimum
Includes Water
National Park entrance fees
Surf equipment + rash guard

Both days of the surf clinic take place at Playa Chaman, inside the Marino Ballena National Park. Day one of the surf clinic you can expect a lot of safety topics and theory, including:

  • Factors that contribute to a good beginner surf break
  • Parts of a surfboard
  • How to carry a surfboard safely and properly
  • How to walk the surfboard through the surf
  • Proper positioning and paddling technique on a surfboard
  • How to ride a wave and control the surfboard in the prone position
  • Technique(s) for standing on a surfboard
  • How to fall safely from a surfboard

Your instructor will talk to you about why Playa Chaman is a good beach for learning and developing your surfing ability, cover ocean safety, and go over the parts of a surfboard and the potential risks a surfboard may present. You will then learn and briefly practice how to properly and safely carry your surfboard. The first drill you will practice in the water is the surfboard management-and-control drill, which consists of walking your surfboard safely through the surf, catching white-water waves, and controlling your surfboard from the prone position. Your instructor will explain the drill on the sand and then demonstrate it in the water so that you can easily put this new knowledge to use and start developing your surfing ability.

After some practice catching waves in the prone position you will head in to the beach for a water and fruit refreshment and rest break.

Once you’re ready to continue, your instructor will explain and demonstrate the “pop-up” technique for standing-up on your surfboard and go over specific techniques to help you remain standing on your surfboard. They will also cover safety tips for performing a controlled dismount and how to fall safely in order to reduce the risk of injury. Before heading back into the water to try your hand at standing up you will practice on perfecting your “pop-up” technique on the beach.

The content of day two of the surf clinic will vary depending on the students’ progress and demonstrated ability from the first day, but topics that may be covered during the second day include (note: these may vary depending on ocean conditions):

  • Managing the speed of your surfboard from a standing position
  • Practice turning the surfboard
  • Understanding how/why waves form and break
  • The kinds of surf breaks that exist
  • Paddling through white-water waves
  • Sitting and turning on your surfboard

Our surf clinics are designed to provide ample time to go over theory and put that theory into practice, so you can expect to get a solid foundation to continue developing your surfing skills and get you started on the path to surfing independently.

Is A 2-Day Surfing Clinic Right For Me?

Surf clinics are the ideal choice for anyone who has an interest in obtaining a solid surfing foundation or improving their surfing ability. We highly recommended surfing clinics for beginners with little or no experience, as well as for advanced beginners who are looking to take that next step in riding waves. The lessons are broken down into two 3-hour long sessions, ideal for learning techniques on the beach and having ample time to practice in the water. The main advantage of a 2-day surf clinic over a single-day group surf lesson is that you will have more time to practice in the water.

If you can’t fit in two days of surfing into your vacation then please look into our 2-hour group lesson.

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