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Group Surf Lesson

Group lessons are great for families, groups of friends, and couples who only have a few hours to dedicate to surfing during their vacation. Our classes have a 7:1 student to instructor ratio and we focus on learning to surf in a safe environment. Even for those who are traveling alone, group surf lessons can provide a great opportunity to meet other travelers/future surfistas – please note that we require a minimum of two people for a group lesson.

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Price $65.00USD per person
Duration 2 hours
Student to Instructor ratio 7:1
Requirements 2 person minimum
Includes Water
National Park entrance fees
Surf equipment + rash guard

The surf lesson takes place at Playa Chaman in the Marino Ballena National Park, and begins with a beach portion where your instructor talks a bit about the national park, goes over basic ocean and surfing safety, explains what makes the beach at the Marino Ballena National Park a good place to learn, and goes over the parts of a surfboard. Next, your instructor will explain and demonstrate techniques for how to carry a surfboard properly and safely. Following that, they will explain and demonstrate the surfboard management and control drill which you will then put into practice by catching white-water waves on your stomach.

After riding some waves and gaining a feel for how to control the surfboard, you’ll head to shore for a drink of freshwater and a 5-minute break. Once the group is ready your instructor will explain the “pop-up” technique for standing on your surfboard, explain how to properly dismount from the surfboard, and go over how to fall safely to reduce the risk of injury. You will then practice popping-up on the sand and finally head back out into the water to attempt standing on the surfboard for the last 20-30 minutes of the lesson.

The topics you will learn during a group surf lesson include (note: these may vary depending on ocean conditions):

  • Factors that contribute to a good beginner surf break
  • Parts of a surfboard
  • How to carry a surfboard safely and properly
  • How to walk the surfboard through the surf
  • Proper positioning and paddling technique on a surfboard
  • How to ride a wave and control the surfboard in the prone position
  • Technique(s) for standing on a surfboard
  • How to fall safely from a surfboard

Is A Group Surf Lesson Right For Me?

A group surf lessons is a good choice if you only have a few hours to spare and would like an introduction to surfing, or if you need a refresher on the basics that include safety, paddling, and standing. If you have a serious interest in learning to surf we highly recommend opting for a 2-day surfing clinic as this option allows us to go over techniques on the beach and provides ample time for you to practice and develop your skills in the water.

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