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Bodysurfing Playa Colonia
Group Bodysurf Lesson

The Group Bodysurf Lesson is a great way to gain confidence and awareness in the ocean by learning how to swim through the impact zone and surf waves in the simplest way possible — without a surfboard. Over the course of this two-hour lesson, you will learn essential ocean knowledge, including how to avoid potential hazards such as surfers, rip currents, stingrays and other marine life. Participants will also learn how to identify a safe zone to enter the ocean, how to swim out through and dive under waves in the impact zone, and how to ride waves back to shore using nothing more than your body. 

Minimum: 2 people | Duration: 2 hours

From $65.00

Learn to bodysurf
2-Day Wave Sliding Clinic

The 2-Day Wave Sliding Clinic combines bodysurfing and surfing to allow you to gain confidence and be successful in the ocean. This 6-hour course is delivered in two days. On day one, you learn how to surf in the simplest way possible, with your body. On day two, you apply your ocean confidence and bodysurf techniques to surfing with a board. The 2-Day Wave Sliding Clinic is an ideal choice for students who wish to have more time to get comfortable in the ocean and gain a holistic wave riding experience. Please note that we require a minimum of two people for a 2-Day Wave Sliding Clinic.

Minimum: 2 people / Duration: 6 hours

From $150.00


Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica

  • 30+ years of surf instruction experience
  • Small groups: max 5:1 student to instructor ratio
  • Surf inside a Marine National Park
  • Lifeguards on duty
  • Multi-language surf instruction (English, Spanish, French)
  • Consistent waves throughout the year
  • Uncrowded beach and surf lineup
  • Safer-than-average ocean conditions for novices and intermediates
  • Warm water all year round
  • Sandy beach lacking hazards such as large rocks and reef


Bodysurfing is a crucial tool in the beginner surfer’s repertoire, and offers a completely different and unique connection with the ocean that will ultimately reduce your learning curve when it comes time for board-surfing.

Here's a bit of what we teach: 

  • Distinguishing an optimal break
  • Generating a surf report
  • Understanding how/why waves form and break
  • Entering and exiting the water safely and identifying hazards
  • Getting under oncoming waves
  • Swimming stroke techniques for navigating the impact zone
  • Catching and riding whitewater waves in the streamline position
  • Using fins and a handplane 
  • Turning right and left while riding waves, and stopping
  • Treading water while conserving your energy in deep water
  • Catching and riding green waves back to shore
Bodysurfing handplane workshop
Bodysurfing lesson in Costa Rica
Learning to surf
Learning to bodysurf

History + lifestyle of bodysurfing

Bodysurfing, as defined by The Encyclopedia of Surfing, is the physical act of riding a wave using only the body as a planing surface; the original and purest form of surfing. Humans have been practicing the art of bodysurfing for centuries, as it is the simplest form of playing in the ocean’s energy. For more information about bodysurfing, check out this blog post

Benefits of Bodysurfing

  • Great connection to nature
  • Innumerable health benefits
  • Ocean confidence
  • Makes you a better future surfer


Uvita Surf Lessons is operated by Bodhi Surf + Yoga, the award-winning, B Corp Certified surf + yoga camp that was founded in 2010. Bodhi Surf + Yoga focuses on week-long experiential camps that incorporate surfing, yoga, community engagement, and nature immersion. If you want to learn beyond just the basics of a single class or two, we strongly recommend you look into our camps below: 

Bodhi Sessions 7 Night Adult Surf + Yoga Camp:

Our signature holistic surf and yoga camp, a week-long, set-date, semi-inclusive vacation that invites you to surf, stretch, breath, and sweat while learning about the environment, engaging with the community, and having a whole lot of fun!

Bodhi Family 7 Night Family Surf Camp

A family-focused surf camp that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a week of learning, growing, and laughter in a fantastic natural classroom (the beach!) — the perfect way to create long-lasting, memorable experiences.

Bodhi Awaken 14 Night Bodysurfing, Ocean Awareness, Surf and Yoga Retreat

This retreat is ocean immersive. In the first week, guests gain ocean awareness and comfort as they learn wave sliding or bodysurfing. On week two, guests take their skills one step further, learning to navigate the waves on a surfboard, as well as reconnecting to themselves with an invigorating yoga curriculum.





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