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Group Bodysurf Lesson

The Group Bodysurf Lesson is a great way to gain confidence and awareness in the ocean by learning how to swim through the impact zone and surf waves in the simplest way possible — without a surfboard. Over the course of this two-hour lesson, you will learn essential ocean knowledge, including how to avoid potential hazards such as surfers, rip currents, stingrays and other marine life. Participants will also learn how to identify a safe zone to enter the ocean, how to swim out through and dive under waves in the impact zone, and how to ride waves back to shore using nothing more than your body. 

Bodysurf Lesson Booking Request

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Price $65.00USD per person
Duration 2 hours
Student to Instructor ratio 7:1
Requirements 2 person minimum
Includes Water
National Park entrance fees
Surf equipment + rash guard

What to expect from the Group Bodysurf Lesson

The Group Bodysurf Lesson will take place at Playa Chaman inside the Marino Ballena National Park. It features theory, demonstration, and practice sections for optimal learning. Participants can expect to learn about ocean safety and theory topics such as:

  • Factors that contribute to a good beginner break
  • How to generate a surf report
  • How to enter the water safely after identifying hazards
  • How to catch and ride whitewater waves in the streamline position
  • How to dive under oncoming waves

Is a Group Bodysurf Lesson right for me? 

The Group Bodysurf Lesson is ideal for anyone who wants to get more experience in the ocean. Bodysurfing provides a great opportunity for learning about ocean temperament and wave mechanics for a number of reasons. Primarily because bodysurfers are fully submerged in the ocean, rather than floating on top of it on a surfboard. There is no equipment needed for the bodysurfing camp — no board, fins, leash, wax, etc. Furthermore, if you are interested in learning how to surf, but lack adequate experience in the ocean, then bodysurfing is an ideal place to start. 

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