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"If you're looking for TOP-TIER surfing lessons, I would highly recommend this one!

– Connor C, Uvita Surf School Student


Costa Rica Surf Lessons
Group Surf Lessons

Great for families, group of friends and couples who only have a few hours to dedicate to surfing during their vacation.

Minumum: 2 people | Duration: 2 hours

From $65.00

Paddling into the surf
2-Day Surf Clinic

The 2-Day Surf Clinic  covers over all the necessary surf theory,  explanations and demonstrations to get you surfing safely.

Minimum: 2 people / Duration: 6 hours

From $150.00


Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica

Uvita - Bahia Ballena is an excellent place for beginner and intermediate surfers to develop their surfing ability. With consistent waves, little-to-no crowds for the majority of the year, and safer-than-average ocean conditions for novices, Playa Chaman is an ideal place to learn to surf in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica.

Uvita Surf Lesson Methodology

In addition to teaching surf students the skills necessary to stand on their surfboard and ride waves, we teach the following: 



  • Surf equipment (including how to choose and manage the appropriate equipment)
  • How to paddle professionally
  • How to ride waves in the prone position, including going straight, turning, and stopping the board
  • How to stand up successfully and fall safely
  • How to ride waves on their feet, including how to go straight, turn, increase speed and stop the board 
  • Wave knowledge (how waves start, different types of waves) 
  • The different types of surf breaks
  • Surf etiquette, history, and culture
  • Ocean stewardship
Learning surf theory
Learning to Surf in Uvita
Uvita Surf Lessons in Costa Rica
Learn to surf with Uvita Surf Lessons


Uvita Surf Lessons is operated by Bodhi Surf + Yoga, the award-winning, B Corp Certified surf + yoga camp that was founded in 2010. Bodhi Surf + Yoga focuses on week-long experiential camps that incorporate surfing, yoga, community engagement, and nature immersion. If you want to learn beyond just the basics of a single class or two, we strongly recommend you look into our camps below: 

Bodhi Sessions 7 Night Adult Surf + Yoga Camp:

Our signature holistic surf and yoga camp, a week-long, set-date, semi-inclusive vacation that invites you to surf, stretch, breath, and sweat while learning about the environment, engaging with the community, and having a whole lot of fun!

Bodhi Family 7 Night Family Surf Camp

A family-focused surf camp that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a week of learning, growing, and laughter in a fantastic natural classroom (the beach!) — the perfect way to create long-lasting, memorable experiences.

Bodhi Awaken 14 Night Bodysurfing, Ocean Awareness, Surf and Yoga Retreat

This retreat is ocean immersive. In the first week, guests gain ocean awareness and comfort as they learn wave sliding or bodysurfing. On week two, guests take their skills one step further, learning to navigate the waves on a surfboard, as well as reconnecting to themselves with an invigorating yoga curriculum.




Uvita Surf Lessons


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