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Learn more than just how to stand up on a surfboard, learn:


Safety First

Learning to surf comes with inherent risks which is why teaching students the safety guidelines is of utmost importance. We maintain a 7:1 student to instructor ratio, review ocean safety, and teach surfboard management to help keep you unscathed and enjoying the waves.

Ideal Location

We are very fortunate to have a unique setting such as the Marino Ballena National Park as our “classroom”. All of our surf lessons in Uvita take place within the national park at Playa Colonia, an ideal beach for learning to surf because of its sandy bottom and topography which helps create gentle, beginner-friendly waves.

Teaching Methodology

Our instructors follow a teaching methodology that breaks down the information in each surf lesson into manageable chunks and provides students with a clear path for learning the fundamentals of surfing.


Experienced Surfers + Skillful Teachers

"[Surfing is] like the mafia, once you're in - you're in. There's no getting out." – Kelly Slater

Together our instructors have over 50 years of combined surfing experience and more than 30 years of combined surf instruction. Our surf instructors excel at providing students with the theory and then helping students put that theory into action, but they don’t stop there. Each of our instructors is knowledgeable about the area, has a passion for surfing, and most importantly a sincere desire for helping others start their own path to becoming a surfer.

Greg G.


Travis and Luis did not disappoint- they were great guides, educators and coaches- we all got up by the end of our lesson.



Surf Instructor
Luis is a jovial individual that loves to surf and has a passion for teaching. His infectious good vibes get students stoked on surfing. He can lead surf lessons in Spanish and English.


Surf Instructor
Gabi has made surfing the centerpiece of her life. She surfs for fun, competes locally, and is highly motivated to introduce others to surfing. Gabi can lead lessons in French and English.


Surf Instructor
Travis has a deep love and respect for the ocean, and his instruction very clearly encompasses that. He gives students the tools they need to exceed their own expectations in the water. He can lead surf lessons in Spanish and English.


A Typical Surfing Lesson

Our surf lessons are structured to teach you more than just how to stand up on a surfboard. We cover the basics of surfing, including safety and surfboard management, catching waves and standing up, but we like to go beyond the typical surf lesson spiel and share our knowledge and experience with our students.

Our surfing clinics and group surf lessons are for beginners and broken down into two beach portions and two water sessions.

The surf lesson begins with a beach portion where your instructor talks a bit about the national park, explains basic ocean and surfing safety, explains what makes the beach at the Marino Ballena National Park a good place to learn, and goes over the parts of a surfboard.

Next, your instructor will explain and demonstrate techniques for how to carry a surfboard properly and safely. Following that, they will explain and demonstrate the surfboard management and control drill which you will then put into practice by catching white-water waves on your stomach.

After riding some waves and gaining a feel for how to control the surfboard, you’ll head to shore for a drink of freshwater and a 5-minute break.

Once the group is ready your instructor will explain the “pop-up” technique for standing on your surfboard, explain how to properly dismount from the surfboard, and go over how to fall safely to reduce the risk of injury. You will then practice popping-up on the sand and finally head back out into the water to attempt standing on the surfboard for the last 20-30 minutes of the lesson.

If you have prior surfing experience, your instructor will ask some questions to obtain a general sense of your surfing ability and assess what specifics skills or techniques need to be reviewed while on the beach.

What Will I Learn?

Topics that are covered during a beginner surf lesson, depending on factors such as the student’s level and the ocean conditions of the day, may include:

  • Factors that contribute to a good beginner surf break
  • Parts of a surfboard
  • How to carry a surfboard safely and properly
  • How to walk the surfboard through the surf
  • Proper positioning and paddling technique on a surfboard
  • How to ride a wave and control the surfboard in the prone position
  • Technique(s) for standing on a surfboard
  • How to fall safely from a surfboard
  • Practice turning the surfboard
  • Sitting and turning on your surfboard
  • Understanding how/why waves form and break
  • The kinds of surf breaks that exist
  • How to paddle through the white-water waves

Ashley W.


Travis was a wonderful teacher! He broke up the basics of surfing in a way that made it easy to tackle each step.

Start your path

to becoming an independent surfer

Comparison table

Group surf lesson vs 2-day surf clinic
DetailGroup Surf Lesson2-Day Surf Clinic
Duration2 hours6 hours (3 hours x 2 days)
Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio7:17:1
Requirements2 person minimum2 person minimum
Price (in USD)$65.00 per person$150.00 per person
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Knowledgeable and patient teaching style!

Travis was a wonderful teacher! He broke up the basics of surfing in a way that made it easy to tackle each step. He also made sure to offer hands on assistance to everyone in the group.

Ashley W.


Awesome surf lessons

Bodhi has amazing people and awesome teachers. We took a 2 hours lesson and loved it! Want to come for a week stay!

Larin W.


Great surf lesson for beginners!

The group lesson we had with Gibran was fantastic. It was our first experience surfing and a really fun one. I felt safe in the water and had a great time, even got up standing on the board!



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